Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Nathaniel has decided that he would like to be an architect when he grows up and spends a great deal of time reading his various buildings books and designing his own constructions. He is very interested in columns at the minute and we have to stop to examine every one we pass and establish whether it is true to its order or not.

Today we took a leisurely scoot after school to the Yorkshire Museum. It was very pleasant.

Then we examined the Roman section of the museum in detail and spent half an hour making mosaics.

Then, before music, we killed some time eating cake at the library and browsing in the architecture section. Somehow, Nathaniel has got to the ripe old age of 6 without realising that we can just find the section of the adult library which deals with his interest and then sit on the floor and look at all the pictures! We had a very good 20 minutes in the architecture section looking at pictures of Roman and Greek ruins and Arts and Crafts houses.

His next plan is to design a cathedral in modern/classic style. Here is one of his prototypes. It has a selection of columns (he admits that he got the widths wrong) and domes (like Hagia Sophia), with sky lights in the top to let in light. There is a modern stained glass window in an inverted V-shape, and a music room from which is appearing the Tallis Canon.

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