Saturday, 11 April 2015


Annually, at this time of year, I get increasingly grumpy until I snap and demand that I am taken on a long walk in some proper countryside. Clearly a long walk was out of the question (still can't persuade him to walk......), so I excercised my giant intellect and dredged up a location with a pub and almost cyclable paths. That was acceptable to all!

So off onto the Moors we went, to Levisham where there is a fine pub in which we all ate more than we intended to and enjoyed every mouthful. And then off along the track to the moor:

It's a longer track than I remember, but that's probably because in the past we have been galloping the other way, bicycle-less, after a long walk, eager to get to the pub. But in the end we made it to the bestest bit of slope which both children declined to decent en velo, so we did instead. It seems that we can both fit onto the kids' bikes if absolutely necessary!

Then we did a good bit of clomping around Dundale Pool.

Thea climbed to the top of a giant hill, and Nathaniel and I explored a gully.

It was really blustery and cold (I felt that hats were a necessity), but very wonderful.

And then all we needed to do was to get back up the hill to the car.......

A quick trip around the Hole of Horcum and we were all ready for home.

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