Monday, 6 April 2015


The holidays went by in a bit of a blur. We did nothing and everything including......

.....a trip on a very cold day to the Sculpture Park.

To be honest, the kids just wanted to play in the giant trees and make houses, but it was rather chilly for staying in one place for that long.

So we wandered around and saw some sculpture,

and climbed on things,

and generally explored.

And then defrosted with hot chocolate

...... the Castle Museum, which was a hit. We had fun with columns

and managed to do the "preamble" of the toy and house exhibitions justice before we reached the eagerly awaited main attraction,

Kirkgate, the Victoria street.

We looked around it in sensible museum-going ways to start off with and then the kids devised a complicated game where we all went to a boarding school and sometimes had to go out to the police cells and the laundry.

But mostly Thea wanted to hang out in the school room and tried to gather multiple other kids to play her game.

......eventually the sun came up and it started to get warm. So the kids built a den in the garden.

Such was the construction of the den that it was baking inside, and soon there were two very naked children running around the garden!

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