Friday, 24 July 2009

10 months

Nathaniel is now ten months old, and I can honestly say that his tenth month has been great fun! He has really become a proper person now and does all sorts of fun things. He understands when things are likely to happen - when he hears the bib song (sung before dinner), will put out his hands to be bibbed. He knows exactly what he wants and will ask to be picked up to "play" the piano, or will crawl to the toy box for a particular toy. He likes handles of things and likes to play with the nappy bucket and the lego bucket.

He really likes books and crawls over to the bookshelves in the bedroom and the living room to pull out all the books until he finds one he fancies. He will then happily turn pages for some time before he wants you to read to him. He likes the books with mirrors at the end, and will kiss the baby he sees in them.

He has become all affectionate and will climb up you to give you a hug and a sloppy kiss and his favourite game is when you lie on the floor so he can rampage all over you.

He can entertain himself for quite a while and will often play with the curtains and the turned-off television (he laughs at his reflection) while I read for 5 minutes.

He talks constantly. This week is being brought to us by the consonants b and m. He likes to sit in the middle of the room, waving his arms above his head and opening and closing his hands while loudly proclaiming "Ba ba ba ba da da daaa!". Its really loud. Seriously. You have to stop talking coz you lose your concentration and forget the end of your sentence!

Crawling has enabled him to find interesting things to pull himself up on. But he has Ian's cautious streak, and will carefully tug on things to assess their pulling up merits, and find the centre of gravity before he stands. He very rarely topples.

He is the jolliest man and has discovered a new smile - a grin that involves squinting and tipping his head up.

In all he is great fun!

Having chased him loudly around the room, Nathaniel sees Slinky out of the door

Nathaniel's favourite grin

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