Wednesday, 1 July 2009

All praise to Google

Never let it be said that I have let having a child interfere with my important internet use! Today I found another wonderful application to add to my repetoire of useful things to waste time with (see!).

It has already been mentioned that I was not keen on the idea of turning back after reaching the top of Place Fell at the weekend. I really wasn't keen on wimping out after what seemed like a short, albeit crazily steep, walk. So I went in search of justification and found a lovely little app which will map elevations for you using google maps (Nim, I bet it would be useful for bike tracks if you ever get that obsessive!).

So here is the justification that we aren't totally unfit. The elevation profiles of the standard walks up Pennyghent, Ingleborough (the highest Yorkshire peak), and finally the walk we did up Place Fell. All carefully rendered at the same scale so you can see quite how steep it was!

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Nimmy said...

I love map my run and the partner map my ride.
Its really useful and save carrying around the gps, although I still do sometimes for average speeds etc