Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunny Day

What do you do when your baby wakes up at 4am because he is teething?

You spend the next 1.5hrs holding his hand while he drifts off to sleep only to be rudely awakened by the need to stuff his entire hand into his mouth and gnaw on it, and then give up, get dressed and go for a walk in the sun. Then you sit on the bridge, drink your flask of tea and greet all the dogs as they take their owners for a walk.

Much better than mooching round the house!

Playing on the bridge

Appreciating the bridge in the sun

We spent the afternoon in the park sitting around and chatting to a succession of friends. Nathaniel watched dogs, walked, climbed up people, stole jewelery and ate ice creams.

Walking is more satisfying when there are no walls in the way

Dogs are endlessly fascinating

Nathaniel's toys are shared with the older childen!

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Jan said...

Where is the update on the exciting visit to Abingdon??