Sunday, 5 July 2009

Its hot!

For those who are not in the UK, its been rather hot here. Not just a little hot, really, really hot! Its been far too hot to do most things and so we have spent much of this week trying to keep cool, playing in the house, and only visiting the outside world in the morning and late afternoon! Nathaniel has had his first paddling pool experience in next door's pool. Here is some video of it for you to giggle at.

Please let us know whether you watched the video and whether it was too slow to bother. We've got lots of other clips if you want them....

Another day, we made a tent in the garden and played with a bowl of water. There was much splashing, and we both got very wet!

1 comment:

Nimmy said...

Much though I detest parents who video their kids doing pointless things and insist on showing it to friends 20 years later,
that is actually really cute!
More please
BTW I win on the hot front. it was 105 degrees here the other day. Most definately an ice cream and air conditioning day!