Friday, 21 August 2009

Horsey, horsey

This week was the Ebor Festival which is the biggest race meeting in York. This means that South Bank is full of drunken race-goers, all of whom want a lift on your bike or directions to town (which they ignore). The pub is heaving from 10am and you can't get into the butcher at lunch time because everyone is getting their over priced roast sandwiches. (I once asked Sean how much it would cost me if I ordered a roast beef sandwich on race day. I was gratified to hear that it would be the normal price!)

We decided that going to the family enclosure was slightly pointless as I have no interest on gambling my money away, and all you ever see are drunken race-goers and the very end of the race. Instead we walked across the Knavesmire and watched the start (very exciting - one jockey even waved to Nathaniel) and the horses walking back to their stables afterwards. Much more fun and totally free!

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