Sunday, 16 August 2009


Its been a pretty typical York weekend. We spent some time in the park with friends, did some sailing and attended the appropriate council sponsored festival. This weekend it was the turn of frisbee in the Museum Gardens accompanied by pasties, chocolate goo cake and lots of climbing! Nathaniel climbed on bits of ruined Abbey and lots of different people - liberally covering them in whatever he was eating at the time. This is after he removed Mikey's hat and started the assault on his glasses!

Sailing was reasonable - there was a good amount of wind, but it was from an irritating direction resulting in frustrating sailing through giant gusts and totally dead patches. Ian tried a Topper, got rather squashed, and resorted to crewing a Wanderer which was a rather sedate experience! Nathaniel enjoyed the wind in the trees and watching the flags flutter.

This week's festival was the Festival of Cycling, so we watched some BMX stunts and had great fun on the try-a-bike track. There were loads of weird, wonderful and normal bikes to try. I liked the one where the wheel axles weren't at the wheel's centre so you bounced up and down as you went along. There were a few with giant tires that looked like motorcycles and several penny farthing types.

Nathaniel was seriously non-plussed by his experiences. He tried two different sorts of front-mounted child seats, and although he didn't make any fuss about being in them, he didn't seem to be having as much fun as us! He was most interested in the bell on the handlebars which he pinged all the way round!

Ian managed to find a new bike for commuting that could be easily stored in the office:

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