Sunday, 30 August 2009

Impending birthday

It is quite amazing - Nathaniel will be one year old in a matter of weeks! Its all gone by both very fast and extremely slowly!

A couple of people have asked what he would like for his birthday, so we have put together an Amazon Wishlist to give you some ideas. There are a good number of books and a selection of toys. Please read the comments on each item, because sometimes the item is just an illustration of a type of thing, eg the rubber duck represents bath toys in general. Also, you can't link to Early Learning Centre (ELC) items, and the amazon equivalents are very expensive, so the item may just be an example of the type of toy eg the lift out puzzles - ELC does much better and simple ones. But of course, don't feel that you have to buy him things - he'll not really know whats going on this year, and he'll enjoy the box the best anyway!

After spending many months simply eating them, Nathaniel now loves books! He is probably beating me in bookworm status. Here is him enjoying his present favourite:

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