Monday, 31 August 2009

Clay Bank

Today we decided to go up to Urra Moor and appreciate the purple heather.

We were not alone! When we got to the car park, it was full of canoes and people in lycra. We chatted to the guy parked next to us in very fine campervan conversion and he told us all about the multi-discipline coast to caost that they were doing. Across the country along the standard Coast to Coast trail but running, mountain biking and paddling! It sounded so much fun! He was waiting for his team mate to arrive at the end of the first run of the morning and then he was taking off on the mountain bike.

Here ends today's edition of "Remind Nimmy that people do cool stuff in the UK".

We set off up the Cleveland Way, and indeed the heather was wonderfully purple. But the wind was also wonderfully strong and we spent a good amount of time trying to keep Nathaniel from getting earache.

Then the sun came out and we all got very hot and the heather was even prettier!

Eventually the trail dipped into a plantation and we enjoyed the shade. We would have enjoyed the views too, but we were all getting curiously tired!

All in all it was a very pleasant walk, though not a step too short! Some people found it more tiring than others:

A fine view:

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Nimmy said...

Definately tempting to come home to do that race. Coast to coast would take just a little longer here!