Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Prawns and other animals

We had prawn & pea risotto - this was Nathaniel's first experience of prawns (and risotto). All was hoovered up at a great rate and thoroughly enjoyed!

Mmmmmm... prawns!

And whilst on the subject of hoovering, we decided that Nataniel needed to conquer his fear of the Dysonaur as it was hindering our ability to clean anything. I sat down with him and explained that it was going to make a loud noise, then we turned it on. He was unsure, but eventually seemed to accept it. After we'd turned it off, he then started to explore it more and seemed happy. Then it all went wrong again when he explored the big red on/off button and it whizzed into life. He was not altogether pleased at this...!

Mummy, I don't like this animal...

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