Sunday, 6 September 2009


This weekend it was the annual sailing club regatta. YRISC (us) and YOSC (them down t'river) meet up at one of our clubs for a day of persuit racing. Traditionally the weather is extreme. It is either very hot and sunny (eg the year that everyone just drifted downstream and then paddled up while trying to ward off heat stroke by hiding in the shade behind the sails) or very wet and windy (eg the year that my helm capsized us and then hit his head, filling the boat with blood, ian capsized a topper about 14 times and when we got back to our club the buoys that we had set to mark the edge of our jetties had been submerged by the rising water levels). So it was mildly disappointing to those of us who were going to be on the shore that this year it was mild with a steady wind and gentle gusts of ~15mph. Lovely sailing weather.

There were 15 boats out in total, with a good crop of GPs and Enterprises and a couple of oddities (Aphaches sail like slugs!). I always get rather irritated by this event (I blame one parent in particular!!), so I will limit myself to mentioning that the rules of the road were interpretted differently by different boats, but that this didn't stop the whole event being won by marvellous sailing (and careful attention to the rules) by James and Neville in the Wanderer. Ian and his crew Dorothea came second! A pleasing result!

Chaos on the river

I make no apology for taking more photos of Enterprises than of GPs - they are so much more interesting!

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