Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Sea!

Yesterday we went to the sea.

This was Nathaniel's first visit to the sea - we decided that he needed to see the sea before he was a year old so we went to Robin Hood's Bay for the day. This was Nathaniel's first view of the sea:

The sun was peaking out from behind the clouds and we had a short wander around the village and then down on the beach before selecting a bench looking out over the sea and stopping for some lunch.

Nathaniel got bored of listening to the camera beeping, so went back to his lunch!

After spending most of lunch trying to get over the back of the bench to the rocks, we let him have a climb:

We then had a leisurely wander along the beach in the sunshine. Lots of dogs were talked to and Nathaniel established that the sea wasn't scary, despite making lots of noise. By this time, he'd been in the carrier for a while so we wandered back up to the cliff top for a romp.

More towers were built:

And then knocked down:

We had a crawling race, which I won, but only because Nathaniel got distracted by various things to eat on the ground, such as litter.

Tired from the exertion of a long race we went for an ice cream:

Nathaniel greatly enjoyed Tassy's ice cream, although he found it a little cold. Then, after a little demonstration, he worked out that he needed to lick the ice cream rather than bite it:

This made it even more palatable so he decided he wanted much more of it...

A very fine start to the week.

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