Sunday, 21 February 2010

Being Great

This week we made a list of some of the reasons why Nathaniel is great. Here is a selection:

- He likes interesting tastes - he licks chutney off toast. His favourite (and unfortunately mine), is the Yorkshire chutney that we got for Christmas.

- He loves the phone (which he calls "Hone") and picks it up, puts it nearish his ears (more often than not it ends up at the back of his neck) and says "Hello!"

- When told that it's time to do a new activity (eg time to go outside, or go and change his nappy), his first action is to say and wave goodbye to the thing he is looking at/playing with.

- He gets very excited when he sees Daddy walking down the street on his way home from work.

- When walking along the road, he'll try and stop at every car and point out their indicator and try and open their front doors.

- He likes to dunk! Bread in soup, peas in ketchup.....

- When he wants some food he collects a bowl or plate from the cupboard and puts it on the highchair tray.

- He makes tea in the tea caddy full of tea bags by dribbling in water from his sippy cup.

- After the nursery staff have told you about his day, he takes the report paper from them and reads it to you "Blah, b-ll-ahh, wubble, wubble".

- He asks for specific songs and rhymes by starting the actions for them. His favourites at the minute are the snowman rhyme and "Dance, Thumbkin, dance".

Here are some photos of general fun:
Being upside down:

"You there.....!"

Hugging Daddy

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Nimmy said...

He actually is the cutest thing in the world!