Friday, 26 February 2010


I have an embarrassing confession to make: I am totally scared of knitting! I am really inspired by Nimmy's amazing blanket and Mf's wonderful jumpers, but when I see knitting needles, my fingers just get tangled up and I feel like I have been tied up with stringy bits of wool. So, inspired by this woman, I decided to learn to crochet and make Nathaniel a hat.

While in progess, we check to make sure it'll fit. Nathaniel is saying "ha(t), ha(t), ha(t)!"

And now finished!


Nimmy said...

That is such a cool hat.
you'll have to show me how to crochet now!

Grannyjanny said...

I am SO impressed with your expertise. I've never managed more than a simple circle of crochet. I demand lessons!

tassy said...

Crazy! You are the two people who can actually knit!

Monica said...

this is really really cute! well done!