Monday, 1 February 2010

Loud noises

Nathaniel has always taken a robust view towards things that alarm him. He usually uses the "hide-behind-a-parent" method, but also regularly employs the do-it-til-its-not-scary method which bodes well for the future!

When he got scared by the pop-up crocodile in a birthday book, we had to read it at least 5 times a day while he cowered behind us as the final crocodile page loomed. His alarm at hoovers has lead to him being totally obsessed with them and seeking them out in everyone's houses.

But until recently we hadn't worked out how to deal with the food processor. For months, I have been using it in the living room, mounted on an insulating bean-bag tray while Nathaniel is asleep. But then the other day, I decided to see if he was still bothered by it and discovered that it was now quite the opposite. He enjoyed the "brrrmmmm" so much that he has been trying to get it out of the cupboard ever since! He points hopefully at it asking "brrrmmmm?" and brings the blender jug attachments to you. If any part of it has been left on the draining rack, he'll stand in the kitchen for hours pointing at it and brrrrmmming at it and will retrieve you from the living room, carefully taking your hand and leading you to it.

Here he is enjoying us whizzing up some butternut squash soup.

Here it comes:

How exciting!

Its quite loud

"Why has it stopped?"



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