Tuesday, 23 February 2010


We have all had a few days off and so had time to do lots of fun things like eating out and playing at the park. We had a fun day in town visiting friends and playing in Marks and Spencer. Nathaniel would have ridden the escalator all day! There were almost tantrums when it was time to go!

We went swimming twice in the new pool. Unfortunately, we have been rather spoilt by the Abingdon pool, so we were not totally blown away by the new facilities despite them being a million times better than the previous ones. But we still had lots of fun and enjoyed drinking coffee afterwards and watching everyone else.

Today Nathaniel went to nursery and Ian and I had a holiday! We spent the morning sitting in window-seat sofas and drinking coffee and reading paper and books and having conversations that didn't revolve around the washing machine and the highchair.

Then,after a quick poddle in town, we went to Loch Fyne and ate far too many courses of delicious sea food! It was delicious! I like Loch Fyne because the atmosphere is so pleasant. Its in the building that housed Stubbs' for years and years. They sold everything from screwdrivers to kitchen stuff to planks of wood. It was really sad when it closed so it was nice that Loch Fyne have left a bit of a tribute to them.

We've had a lovely few days!

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