Thursday, 26 August 2010

Even more holiday

Some how, Nimmy has managed to cope for a couple of months in York without a bike. With both her serious bikes in the States, it was hard to come to terms with the fact that you simply cannot live in York without a bike, and there is no point in having something flashy. So we took a trip to the bike rescue and came away one pre-loved orange trashy mountain bike!

Then we had to go on a bike ride!

As Nimmy had never been there, we decided to cycle down the solar system - a scale model of all the planets at the right distances from each other along a disused railway. We stopped at each planet to admire it.

All the way along are helpful signposts so you can see how far you have got. At this point we had traveled 91 millon miles. Nimmy's bike was doing a good job!

Some planets are pretty exciting!

We were just starting to think about a little smackerell of something, and Nathaniel was insisting that we stopped at every blackberry bush;

when we saw exciting things - a combine harvester and a tractor pulling a trailer in which to gather the grain and a tractor with a hay baler! We had to stop for a muffin!

I think we were as entranced as Nathaniel! We learnt all sorts of interesting things such as that the combine harvester has to harvest for a bit and then sends the grain ("woosh!") into the trailer and there is plenty of time for the tractor to nip home and empty the trailer. The hay baler made hay bales really quite quickly and we all shouted when another rolled out. It was really fun.

We also did a bit of scouting for apples and things. Nimmy is preparing for a great preserving marathon and so we were on the look out for all things yummy and hedgerow-ish for her to boil and put in bottles. More of that another day......

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