Sunday, 22 August 2010

Things Nathaniel likes



Finding sticks in the woods and rustling them and tickling things with them:

(apologies for the rubbish picture from my phone)


We spend a lot of time picking blackberries - there are a million really good bushes near the house. Nathaniel prefers other people to do the actual picking becuase of the "prick-uls", but he will instruct you to "No pick dreen ones. No pick dred ones. Not ripe not nice. Pick just black ones. ripe and nice!"

Seeing or doing things that are "just like" something else. This includes "use for(k) just like Aun Ninnnn", "gate squeak just like mouse" and this:

Here Nathaniel is demonstrating the Museum Gardens' "blue trac-da-da pull tray-er, just like blue trac-da-da in book".

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Grannyjanny said...

You know, I'm really going to miss his baby talk - it's changing into big-boy speech so fast!