Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More holiday

In today's edition of holiday, we decided to make the most of weather that wasn't quite arctic yet and venture to the seaside. It looks like the summer is over and we aren't likely to have any more properly hot days, so it was a stereotypical british seaside visit - to the East coast (rubbish!), with many warm layers, and a full set of waterproofs!

But to be honest, when you are a little boy, the beach is so exciting that it could be snowing and you'd still have fun! The tide was quite a long way out so we went for a big walk to see the sea and found exciting things like rock pools, sea weed and shells on the way.

We found that you didn't need paper on the beach - it's just one great canvas for drawing tractors!

When an actual tractor came past, Nathaniel wasn't so sure!

We experimented with sandcastles, and Nathaniel found that they were just as much fun to destroy!

Here are Nathaniel's sand ruins:

We like the seaside!

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