Tuesday, 24 August 2010


On Monday it was holiday! everybody was at home so we decided to poddle into town to look at dresses for Nimmy, waistcoats for Nathaniel, small-person musical instruments and, of course, eat lunch! The luncheon entertainment was provided by Nathaniel counting... using numbers which we didn't know he knew! The main thing he counted was sauce sachets:

The counting went something like this: "wah... tchoo... ffree... hore... ... [indistinguishable]... ... ffreee.... hi[x?].... se'hen... hay.... [indistinguishable]... se'hen!"

There were always seven. And he was very pleased to inform us of the fact.
(Those of you who aren't hard of hearing will notice there are ten in front of him)

Of course, the problems with inaccurate enumeration may have been caused by this activity:

After this consumption, Nathaniel decided he was sleepy, so Tassy & Nimmy went to look at instruments and dresses whilst Nathaniel and I took a stroll in the ever increasing rain. Upon the surprising realisation that he'd actually gone to sleep in the buggy (an occurrence that has not been frequent since the advent of napping in the cot) I decided to shelter from the rain under a very pleasant tree in the Dean's garden by the Minster, and summoned the others to bring me coffee. We then decamped to a more solid rain barrier, in the form of the gatehouse to one of the many places in York which we haven't paid previous attention to.

On his awakening we purchased musical instruments.

A set of very fine handbells:

and some other items:

Here he is sporting his jingle bells:

Holidays are good!

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