Thursday, 14 February 2013


It is nice now that we have got to the stage that activites can interest both Dorothea and Nathaniel. We're still limited by factors such as Thea not being able to reach the kitchen table easily and thinking that its funny to watch people's reaction when she puts stuff into her mouth and pretends to swallow, but more and more things are becoming fun for everyone.

Today we got the coloured lolly sticks out of Nathaniel's craft box. You can tell that they are engrossed, because there is no hint of a smile on any of the children in these photos!

Nathaniel made polygons and insisted that there were two words for five-sided shapes (???!!), and then sorted according to colour and made up some complicated game (I didn't understand the rules), where he had to sell Thea the sticks in a particular order.

Thea put sticks into various tubs and poured them between them. We made more use of our trusty dishwasher tablet box. It's pretty sturdy, so perfect for puching holes in which to post items. We now have different holes on all of the sides. The most useful is the side for posting block crayons. The stick posting end was ony useful if I held onto the box because otherwise Thea couldn't see where the holes were!

I have a great plan for what to do with them next, but I need to pay a visit to a craft shop..........

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Grannyjanny said...

oooh, do tell! (It's not as if either of them reads this blog...)