Saturday, 2 February 2013

Thea's Car Seat

As a baby, Thea was always surprisingly happy in the car, and cooed contentedly while we drove up and down the country. So it was disappointing when she decided that she wasn't having it any more and that the car was an evil that she did not feel she should have to endure and decided to ensure that we were made aware of her dislike. It's hard to persuade Thea to un-banana when she is determined to arch her back into the most contorted shape possible.

But we remembered how similar Nathaniel was at this age, and also remembered what solved the problem. And so went out to buy some bathroom scales just to make sure, and then declared Thea big and heavy enough to go into the bigger car seat. The one that faces forward so that she can see out.

This is her first outing. I think that we have a success!

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