Monday, 18 February 2013


It's half term here which means that Nathaniel has no nursery to attend. So on the recommendation of some friends, and at his request, he has been booked onto a swimming course. A 40 minute lesson every morning.

Today was the first one. He was excited from the minute he got up, and asked whether it was time to go every 5 minutes.

And eventually we went. It was quite a big deal. Its the first time that he has done something totally on his own (parents were always present to help him settle into nursery). And the first time that he has done something that involves interacting with and taking instruction from an unknown adult without a parent with him.

He did superbly! I sat and watched from the gallery and he just got on with it. The teacher is wonderful - an older lady who seemed to have taught most of the parents in the gallery to swim when they were little. Nathaniel jumped in, and swam around with arm bands, and played all the games (yes, he deigned to join in with organised fun!).

At the end, when I met him, shivering, in the changing rooms, he immediately asked "Can the next swimming leson be now?"

I believe it to be a roaring success!

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Grannyjanny said...

My word those tonsils are big ....