Sunday, 17 February 2013


We were rather pleased when we were able to acquire a house with a study, and once it had skylights installed, we were pretty sure that it was going to make a marvellous music room, even if we had to move the piano out of the living room.

How right we were. Moving the piano out hasn't reduced it's role in everyday life - it's greatly emphasised it. Now a day doesn't go by when we haven't spent some time playing music. There are guitars easily reached from the hooks on the walls, the piano always open with nothing piled on the lid, the violin on it's stand on the top of the piano, and our new recorder stand holding the recorders all ready to be played. Lower down, there is a marvellous basket full of every percussion instrument you could hope for and a ukelele on it's own stand. There are cushions to sit on, a variety of random bits of material to wave, and a selection of cases that can be used to build with.

What child could ask for more?

On an average day, someone will decide that it is time for some music. More often than not, that will be Nathaniel. A guitar or piano or violin will be played and the kids do their own thing (how often does that happen?!!). Nathaniel usually decides to build something complicated - either a building of some sort or a contraption involving rope and pulleys and handles. Thea tends to get out all the instrumemts and play them loudly. Her favourite is the tamborine, but she is also a fan of the shaky egg.

Both kids love the recorders. Nathaniel is starting to be able to play them, but Thea makes up for lack of technique with enthusiasm!

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So beautiful!