Saturday, 7 February 2009

The cold

It has been properly cold here and we have had proper snow. A good few inches!

Those who are abroad will not be surprised to hear that Britain has pretty much shut down, travel is not advised and the media is claiming that the economic downturn is somehow related to the snow and it will all end in tears (go figure.....!)!

I have greatly enjoyed tramping in the snow, but my favourite Ocean Fest wellies have met their demise and so I am having to enjoy it in boring green wellies! Ian has enjoyed the snow less, due to having to walk to work in gaiters and walking boots and changing when he gets to the office, and Nathaniel is pretty unbothered by the whole snow situation. He doesn't yet know that the world isn't normally fluffy and white!

Nathaniel has properly grown out of his snuggly pram suit, so we bought a new one labeled 3-6 months from Mamas and Papas using the vouchers that we have been given. I put it on him, and was somewhat surprised to find that it was rather too snug. When we held it up against the old suit we found that it was pretty much the same size as his old, 0-3 month Next suit! Moral of this story - Mamas and Papas babies are freakishly small! So at the minute he is wearing the suit that Alex and Julliet gave him for Christmas. Its officially 6-9 months, so its pretty big, but it still keeps him rather warm and has the added advantage of making him look like a bear!

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