Thursday, 12 February 2009

Perks of the job

There are some times that I miss sitting in my cosy office with the paper and a cup of tea thinking complicated thoughts about science outreach. And then there are times when I'm really pleased that I am not!

Today Nathaniel and I went for a walk in the park with two friends, one baby and one dog. We had fun playing catch and met a crazily large newfoundland called Yogi. It started to snow and we played on the ice on the pond. Then we went and bought veg for supper and sat on the bench outside the rather posh coffee shop drinking amazing coffee, feeding the dog treats and watching the snow. Surreal, but fun.

Then we went back to a friend's for lunch and met some other friends for a walk. We walked along the racecourse and across Hob Moor in the blizzard and amused ourselves by trying to push buggies through the drifts and having to un-block the wheels when they got full of snow. Except our buggy's wheels, coz it is a great buggy! We stopped in Acomb and had more coffee and cake and then walked back in even more snow!

That's a pretty good day. Pictures to follow.....

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