Sunday, 1 February 2009

Looking at things

Nathaniel's new interest is the bathroom taps! When you go into the bathroom he leans down and wants to look at and then play with the taps in the sink. Its probably because they are so shiny!

Of course, once you are playing in the sink, there are many other fun things to explore. This led to the sad demise of my 12 year old jelly babies mug - it didn't bounce when it hit the floor.

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunshine and went for a cold walk near Castle Howard. It really was cold! Nathaniel had two hoods as well as a hat and he still decided that the best bet was to snuggle down against Ian and go to sleep! But even if he wasn't that impressed with the scenery, we very much enjoyed getting out of York and seeing hills. The haziness made everything look like it was really frosty so it was really beautiful.
Nathaniel decides to sleep rather than look at the view

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