Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Getting Anywhere

Everything has slowed down. Not because Nathaniel has a cold. Not because I am sleepy. But because Nathaniel has to look and explore everything.

Just walking through a door is a long job because Nathaniel has to feel, lick and generally explore the door frame, door knob and anything else that is hanging around. Drinking tea while holding him has become an absolute no-no because he likes to feel the cup and preferably put his nose inside it! All cutlery has to be kept at arms length (which results in tantrums) because he likes to brain himself with it and then gag when trying to swallow it! Even feeding him is complicated because he likes to combine eating with feeling my nose and sticking his fingers into my nostrils!

It was cute to start off with, but now we are starting to wish that he was still occupied by a cuddly toy!

Nathaniel gets irritated that he can't eat the washing basket

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