Saturday, 28 February 2009


For a series of complicated reasons, we ended up spending this week in Abingdon where Ian tried to fight off the plague and watched all three Lord of the Rings films in about 3 hrs (with lots of use of the fast forward button!).

However, being at home meant that we could make use of Mf's great camera and take lots of photos. Here are some of the nicest:

Nathaniel has been showing an increasing interest in food lately, so we thought that it might be time for him to try some. We happened to be eating some rather fine homemade pea and ham soup at the time of the conversation, so a finger dipped in soup seemed to be a good start. He wasn't phased by it at all! He looked surprised at first when my finger tasted of something more interesting than finger, and then was keen for more and more and more. The next day he had some mashed potato all of his own, which also went down rather well. The only real down side to the experiment was that later that day, when sitting at the table while we ate, Nathaniel got rather irritated when finding that any finger he was able to get to his mouth didn't taste of anything interesting! Steak and chips next!!

Nathaniel is keen to have more soup-covered finger

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