Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Battle of the Bands

Ian's band is not terribly good at organising gigs. This is probably because they are no longer students with nothing better to do! So they decided to enter the Battle of the Bands competition that our local venue, Fibbers, runs on the basis that they would get a gig or two and some people who weren't our friends would see them and hopefully like them!

They got through the pre-heats with ease and then the heats, and suddenly found themselves in the semi-final! So a bunch of us turned up to Fibbers to watch the semi-final and maybe even vote for them! (Don't get me started on the merits of asking punters to vote for the band that gets through. After 4 years of organising the university Battle of the Bands, I can definitely say that we have explored all options of "judging" bands, and having "who can get the most friends through the door on a tuesday night" as a measure of anything just doesn't work!)

But, friends and judges were on their side, and so Maybe She's a Clone have made it to the final! Not bad for a bunch who on the whole don't get round to booking gigs.

(apologies for the lack of photos - I decided that listening to the bands was more fun than coaxing the camera into taking decent photos in zero light)

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