Monday, 26 April 2010

A first weekend

So, having put a large number of boxes into our new house, what was our first thought? Lets have visitors! Actually they had been scheduled for some time, and it was just coincidence that they actually got to see the new house rather than being driven past it.

One of our visitors was an amazing house warming present from Mikey to Nathaniel:

Nathaniel was sensibly cautious at first, but soon decided that the crocodile was a friend!

If only we had photos of him hugging it, putting his arm between its teeth and then checking that it really was Mikey's arm that was coming out of its neck!

Nathaniel also enjoyed mf and ff and their interest in reading his current favourite book, The Tiger who Came to Tea.

After a fascinating trip to B&Q, first of very many in the near future, Nathaniel stretched out and went to sleep:

And left the rest of us to have a leisurely lunch in the sun. In our garden. Hooray!

After lunch we did some important repositioning of the fridge and its door and Nathaniel helped by sitting on my lap.

Then, on Sunday, it was the sailing club open day and we sat in the sun and chatted to people about how lovely it was to sail on the river, and even got to do some sailing ourselves.
All in all, it was a very pleasant weekend.

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