Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The view from my seat

Lets just say that we have a few boxes! Earlier in the day, our bedroom looked like this:

Obviously it is only the doorway, but we couldn't get any further in. Notice the important items that should always be retained; a lax stick, and old and rather rubbish hoover, two witches broomsticks and several carefully preserved posters of late 90s britpop bands.

Don't expect to hear from us for a few days. The phone and internet will be cut off tomorrow, and will not be reinstated until Friday and Monday respectively. And we'll have a new number, though I don't know what it is yet. Will keep you all posted.....


mf said...

I particularly like the 'This way up' sign (upside down), and the 'not books or papers' sign next to the tellingly empty bookshelves.
Looks like you've got it under control, then!

Nimmy said...

I rather glad the last move I did only involved 2 suitcases.
Not entirely sure how I'm going to fit the bikes in on the way back though!