Saturday, 10 April 2010

Here's one I made earlier

I decided to continue in my "have egg boxes, will create" theme, by making some picture frames for Nathaniel. The idea was that these would be displayed at Nathaniel height in his bedroom and he can pick them up and carry them round and do important shuffling. Each week we will have a new theme.

So I spent a happy nap-time (hooray for 2 hour naps), playing with pritt stick and PVA and cereal boxes and coloured paper and remembered all the things that you know when you are 6 but forget in the subsequent years. Things like if you pritt stick something, you inevitably get some on your working surface, and that residue sticks to the front of your item leaving a wierd translucent smear that you'll never get off. And that if you get even the tiniest bit of PVA on your fingers, you leave traces of it everywhere and your fingers get covered in minute particles of carpet hair (if you are silly enough to do your making on the floor).

Anyway, the prototype was a success, and I managed to create two more in approximately one fifth of the time in order for Nathaniel to enjoy this week's theme, trains.
From General 2010

We have a photo of a stream train, a photo of a modern train (from the company that runs a good proportion of the trains that stop at York station), and a print of a Monet painting featuring a train. All very nice. And for future weeks I have prepared pictures on the themes of owls and tractors. (NB Its hard to find interesting representations of tractors. Its pretty much photos of tractors in green english pastures or dusty american fields or nothing).

And as expected, Nathaniel was delighted and did lots of stacking and sorting and carrying and explaining to us that what he had in his hands were "tray, awuvva tray, AWUVVA TRAY!".

He was so attached to his new pictures that he was both confused and slightly upset when I removed the prototype because my sticking was not really up to scratch!

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