Friday, 2 April 2010

Complicated games

Nathaniel has invented his first complex toddler-game, ie one that has several stages, doesn't directly involve toys, and has to be repeated ad infinitum.

Step one: Ask to be lifted up onto the bedroom window sill and draw the curtains (without falling off)!

Step two: Ask to be carried to the cot. "In co(t), in co(t)"

Step three: Lie down in the cot holding on to the nimmy-blanket and go to sleep "slee(p)"

Step four: sit up, stand up and ask for the curtains to be opened; "ope ca, ope ca"

Step five: Ask to be lifted out of the cot; "daaaawn, daaawn" (while pointing at the ground).

Then repeat!
And again.

And again.

Its lots of fun. Really.

Doesn't make great photos though, so here are some other things we've been getting up to.

Doing busy things with two watering cans at once:

Building towers:

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mf said...

You seem to get through a lot of canned beans ...