Monday, 5 April 2010

Big fish

Now that we are a suburbia-dwelling, child-having family, current culture dictates that we must spend our bank holidays sitting in traffic jams, driving to an overpriced leisure facility to be over-stimulated.

We attempted this by a trip to The Deep in Hull with two other families. Fortunately, it being Yorkshire in April and hence 2 degrees centigrade, there were no traffic jams and so we had fun driving in convoy along smallish Yorkshire roads and sending each other silly text messages about the view.

And The Deep was wonderful. I shan't bother describing it - you can go to their website and get the gist. But we greatly enjoyed it!

Nathaniel decided that although looking at the fish was fun, what he really wanted to do is to get in too!

He was less convinced by the magic pond, a computer generated, projected image of water on the floor, complete with fish that swam around. The clever bit was that it was all projected onto a touch mat and the swimming fish "reacted" to your presence. If you chased them, they would scatter! I had fun "creeping up" on them, but Nathaniel showed some of his trade-mark cautiousness. He'll happily stroke a giant dog, but he is freaked out by computer generated, A.I. fish. Not all that silly really.

"I'm not sure about this"

We had fun taking arty photos of other people's children. Maisie wasn't this angelic all day!

And like any good day out, Nathaniel enjoyed the simple as well as the fantastic. Lunch was had (by some careful table bagging), surrounded by three walls of glass overlooking the Humber. And there were tables to climb on. Repeatedly.

Oh, and we saw some fish....

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