Thursday, 12 November 2009


Nathaniel has now got to the stage where we can actually make things! He still prefers to eat crayons rather than colour with them, but he has begun to see the fun in covering surfaces (his favourite is the toilet seat), with pencil! Here is him creating his first masterpiece - a work on paper with pencil and crayon.

Every week at the Steiner Group we attend there is a craft activity. This week it was lattern making so that we could use the fruits of our labours for the Martinmass Lattern Walk. Here is Nathaniel's lattern.

He chose the leaves and pushed them down into the glue that I spread, stuck together the two sheets of tracing paper, and hid the stapler while everyone was trying to staple their latterns into shape!

One of the advantages of nursery is that they organise activities that I am too scared to do! Painting definitely falls under this category until we have a bigger kitchen! Here is Nathaniel's halloween bat mask, carefully painted black.

Either they were very careful in their post-painting cleaning (which seems unlikely as he comes home with food in his hair most days!), or he didn't paint his surroundings too liberally!

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