Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hail Bright Cecilia

This term's choir programme was exactly how I like it - a selection of wierd and wonderful music, some of which I am entirely unsure about until the final rehersal when it suddenly becomes some of the most dramatic, exciting and beautiful music I have ever heard!

Whitacre, Dove, Lauridson (though gone a bit too Classic FM this time), Tavener, Leighton. All good stuff!

Rosey and I played our standard game of lying on our back on the Chapter House floor. This is for two purposes: 1) to look at the ceiling properly

and 2) to see if we can pursuade any tourists that this is the done thing!!

Here is my homage to the marvellous tiling:

When we came out after the rehearsal it had turned into a proper british winter afternoon - all cold and crisp and slightly grey. Oglethorpe was pretty:

And I caught a Minster-man embracing modern technology which amused me:

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