Friday, 27 November 2009

Nathaniel and his Spaniel

Nathaniel has never shown any great interest in soft toys. He has a fair few, but aside from an episode where he liked to dribble on and try and bite the nose off of a giraffe, he has always prefered toys with wheels to turn!

However, recently he has discovered the furry nature of a lot of his toys and he is loving them! His favourites are an owl called Olly (named after a rather similar owl that Ian owns), and a spaniel that his Spare-Gran-Anne gave him for christmas.

If passed his spaniel, Nathaniel will hug it, sorry, him, and kiss him and then carry him around by whichever limb is most accessible. He also likes to treat him to his, that is, Nathaniel's, favourite activities. Rocking on the rocking chair is now a daily activity.

Nathaniel also spends a great deal of time pointing out the spaniel's features. The nose features prominently.

It's obviously a snuggly time in Nathaniel's development. As well as hugging soft toys, he is enjoying his fleecy blanket in his cot. In the past he just kicked off all covers, but now he holds onto his blanket when he goes to sleep and snuggles up against it. It might be time for a new fleecy blanket - the current one is smallish and rather yuck - it has a rather tacky bear appliqued onto it!

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Nimmy said...

I think this might be the cutest yet! Loving the dungerees!