Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Today we had lunch at the Farmer's Cart which is a local farm shop. The food was wonderful! I had a pork pie that was so rich that I actually had had enough when I got to the end of it. Ian had a quiche and Nathaniel demolished a child's portion of sausage rolls and salad. Then we browsed in their farm shop and Nathaniel played with the pumpkin patch. Each pumpkin was stroked and all of the little pumpkins were picked up and (sometimes) carefully replaced.

Then he peered round the corner of the building and started saying "tra-ta, tra-ta, tra-ta!" with great enthusiasm. Never has there been such an excited Nathaniel.

Despite our efforts to encourage him to enjoy all sorts of different toys, Nathaniel is simply obsessed with things with wheels. The bigger wheels the better. And all of the large wheeled vehicles (fire engines, forklift trucks, lorries) are called "tra-ta", which is pretty much (apart from "duck", "baa" and "woof") the only recognisable word he can say. In fact we suspect that it's actaully the wheels, not the vehicle that have this name, as the wheels in his colours book are also named as such.

So meeting a real life-sized tractor in the flesh was a pretty brilliant experience. There was lots of exploration of the wheels and fuel gauges and even some driving.

Then we went and looked at the animals. Nathaniel was perfectly pleased with the pony and the goats and the rabbits and the turkeys (whose noise is absolutely nothing like "gobble gobble"), but he was greatly impressed by the pig and the piglets.

He was so impressed that he got rather annoyed when we wouldn't let him feed his fingers to the pig!

I feel that we might be spending many more afternoons here!

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Grannyjanny said...

These are wonderful pictures - Nimmy has posted one on Facebook! I'm glad Nathaniel has a new hat - the pics of him wearing the other one confirm that he has a VERY large head. Must be full of brains. The hat I knitted is clearly too small!