Sunday, 1 November 2009


Even though we are not at Polzeath, the universe knows that that is where we are supposed to be this week. Nathaniel and I have the traditional Polzeath cold (hacking cough developing into copious amounts of snot) and the weather is absolutely spot on. This morning there was torrential rain coupled with seemingly gale force winds. The rain smacked against the windows and we were pleased to stay in the house. This afternoon the sun came out and the south westerly was pleasingly warm. Nathaniel and I went out to try and get our temperatures down!

We had intended to go over the bridge, but the wind was so strong that the buggy was impossible to push!

Trees bending in the wind

But it was well worth going to the park because it was so pretty!

We did some duck feeding, made complicated because the wind was too strong for Nathaniel to stand up! After falling over a good few times, he retreated to the buggy.

It was just as well, as we were then approached by two ginormous swans who wanted a bit of the bread. Even I had to back off when they started to flap their wings at us. Nathaniel was a typical baby and was totally unbothered by them and wanted to stroke them!

Then we headed into the woods that were full of good crunchy leaves.

The trees acted as a bit of a wind break so Nathaniel was stable enough to good some good leaf kicking.

This was exhausting work, so Nathaniel went to sleep and left me to take far too many photos of leaves!

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