Monday, 9 November 2009


No-one can have too many forklift trucks

A month or so ago we borrowed a wooden forklift truck from the Toy Bus (our mobile toy library), and Nathaniel has loved it. It is normally the first toy that is got out and is greeted with "tra-ta, tra-ta, tra-ta" or "truk, truk, truk" depending, we think, on whether his attention is on the vehicle as a whole or just its wheels. He is extremely fond of the driver and carries him around the house a lot.

Its been renewed from the Toy Bus, but this kinda defeats the idea - we are supposed to be sharing toys with the other children, and as every child from the age of 1 to 31 who comes into our house plays with it with such enthusiasm, we figured that it would be a good investment. And investment it is - its not a cheap toy.

So we had a look on the internet and found it most cheaply on an ebay shop. When reading their deatails more closely we found that they were in York and had a shop in the middle of an industrial estate. So off we went!

Oh wow! It was amazing! A storage facility filled with wooden toys. I don't know who enjoyed themselves the most! Ian almost took out someone's eye with a cross bow arrow and Nathaniel wouldn't be parted with the wooden airport filled with cars and trucks and airplanes and cones and cranes and all the things you would hope to find in a wooden city.

So please let me introduce you to Plan City. It's wonderful!


Grannyjanny said...

Ooh - I had already discovered Plan city, and was wondering whether he was too young for it! Does this mean I can go ahead and start Planning? Which elements would be most welcomed?

tassy said...

Cars and diggers and highway vehicles! Anything with wheels!